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JD 371 KN-O A. Brannigan R. Rodgers J.S. Silver A. Templeton P.R. Humphries A.W. Beard W.F Catley W. Palmer J.W. Baxter Mission Nuremberg Missions JD371 Crash site Témoignages Testimonies Heverlee Commemoration 2013 JD 368 ZA-A G. Warren Commemoration Palmer Pertes/losses 28/08/43 77 Squad. 28/08/43 Presse/Press Presse/Press 1 Comète Modave - Belgium
Lantin - Lancaster I D781  DX-  57 Squadron  24-25n June 1943 Mission: Wuppertal Shot down by the night-fighter Oblt W. Telge Stab. II/NJG1, Tongerenhas also been given as the crash location with Oblt W. barte of II/NJG1 credited as the night-fighter pilot responsible. Crash: At Lantin (Liège) Sgt  S Fallows  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery Sgt JW Sykes  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery Sgt H Naiman  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery Sgt IH Lambdin POW  Camps L6/357 Sgt WGT Day  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery Sgt FJM Steer  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery Sgt RB Simpson  KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery
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